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Vinyl colors vs. Pantone MatchesEmail 


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Vinyl Color Chips


Monitor may affect view.

How to use this table
The colors below have been eye matched and reference matched to Pantone, actual gloss vinyl and computer systems>
1. Cut and paste a color chip into your graphics Program
2. Use your color picker to select color
3. Determine your monitor values and cross check against hard copy references.

Use your color picker tool
 to reference colors.
Cut and Paste the *gif color chips into your design program

Pastel Yellow
PMS # 100
Luminous Orange
PMS 021
Regal Red
PMS 1797
Skin Tone
PMS 162
Steel Blue
PMS 539
Luminous Yellow
PMS 101
Bright Orange
Medium Red
PMS 1805
PMS 257
Scandinavia Blue
PMS 540
Lemon Yellow
PMS 102
Warm Red
PMS 172
Dark Red
PMS 187
Pink Violet
PMS 258
Ultramarine Blue
PMS 541
Bright Yellow
PMS Yellow C
Red Orange
Wine Red Lavender
PMS 272
Luminous Blue
PMS 072
Banana Yellow
PMS 108
Poppy Red
PMS 032
PMS 2603
Reflex Blue
PMS Reflex
Dark Yellow
PMS 116
Strawberry Red
PMS 032
Roja Red
PMS 2623
Vivid Blue
PMS 2945
Orange Yellow
PMS 123
Luminous Red
PMS 032
PMS 214
PMS 2597
Electric Blue
PMS na.
PMS 130
Vivid Red
PMS 185
PMS 219
Dark Violet
PMS 2695
Sea Blue
PMS 293
Light Orange
PMS 151
Tomato Red
PMS 186
Panther Rose
PMS 218
Antique Blue
PMS 534
Medium Blue
PMS 300
PMS 165
Spicy Red
PMS 485
Salmon Pink
PMS 169
Dark Blue
PMS 539
Luminous Cyan
PMS 3005
Color references above show approximate color match.
Names may be reference only.

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